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Gifton's tryst with music began when he was just five. "Singing came naturally to me as my father is a music teacher. I got interested when I used to see him play various instruments," he explains seizing the initiative to let the world know about him. Gifton has mastered the violin, but that's not the only instrument he toys with. He's at equal ease with the guitar, viola, piano and the drum. His father nicknamed him Gifty, seeing in his son a gift to the world of music. Gifton's music is already a huge hit, and the array of gold medalsthat adorn his home are testimony to it. Gifton is perfection personified, so much so that the judges in one of the competitions refused to believe what they saw and hear. "He was playing the casio and both his hands worked in perfect unison. The judges just refused to believe the performance, they were convinced that the keyboard was programmed. Even my explaining didn't help. Finally, they stood beside him and asked him to play," says Mohila Rani, his teacher. So, it's not just the ordinary public, even for the masters, Gifton's performance is unbelievable.

Content courtesy - Wednesday, 20 February 2002 (The New Indian Express)